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making sure garment workers never again face a disaster like Rana Plaza

On 24 April 2013, the Rana Plaza building collapsed with thousands of people inside. At least 1,134 people died and thousands more were injured. This is the worst industrial disaster the garment industry has ever seen and it was entirely preventable. Workers were forced to enter a building they knew was unsafe under threat of losing their wages. We can never forget this terrible disaster and the people whose lives were ended and upended by it. Even if we can not commemorate outside on the streets this year, we want to show that they are on our minds. We remember Rana Plaza here, by sharing your messages in their memory. 

Poly Akhter's mother, Shahana (38), grieves for her. Her other daughter, Dalia, also worked in the factory complex but did not go to work on the day of the collapse. Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 1st June 2013. Credit Taslima Akhter.
Missing worker Rina’s (18) mother still waits for her missing daughter in front of the barricade. Debris of collapse is on the other side of the barricade. Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 24th July 2013. Credit Taslima Akhter.

We also want to make sure that a tragedy like Rana Plaza can never happen again. After the collapse, the realisation that this could and should have been prevented led to the creation of the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh. Over 200 brands signed a contract to  commit to improving workplace safety in Bangladesh. Under this contract brands can be sued in court by unions if they break their promise. This programme has made over 1600 factories safer for two million workers. However, brands now no longer want to be held legally accountable for keeping their workers safe. We don’t believe that they will keep their promises if they can’t be brought to court individually, as their audits and empty promises failed to prevent Rana Plaza before. Let’s send them a message now to tell that a safety programme is only meaningful if it is binding. 

Tell Brands: Keep workers safe

Make your voice heard. Send a message to tell Brands to KEEP WORKERS SAFE. Put your own message in the form below or copy and paste this:
The Bangladesh Accord has been successful because of its independence and individual legal enforceability. It reached real results where voluntary programmes failed. You can make sure that workers’ lives are kept safe in Bangladesh and elsewhere: sign a new legally binding safety agreement now!

Add your message here to tell brands to keep workers safe. Press submit and we will send this to American Eagle Outfitters, Artsana, Benetton, Bestseller (Vero Moda, Jack & Jones), C&A, Carrefour, H&M, Inditex (Zara, Pull & Bear), Lidl, LPP (Reserved), Next, Otto, OVS, Primark, Takko, WE.

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Carles ValentiSpainThank you for your courage! We will do our best to improve the laboral conditions of all the workers.
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Thomas stefan Slaby-jansenDeutschlandBe fair! Your Hair is known by Life not thrown to Knife !
LauraEspañaHay que apoyar que el mercado no sea global, volver a la producción local y ayudar a los países en desarrollo a que desarrollen su propio mercado y consumo.
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Francine VANDERKIMPENBelgiëMijn gedachten zijn bij alle slachtoffers en hun families van deze tragische gebeurtenis. Moge de tijd de wonden helen. Laten we hopen op hogere veiligheidsnormen en leefbare lonen in de nabije toekomst!
LauraEspañaHay que apoyar que el mercado no sea global, volver a la producción local y ayudar a los países en desarrollo a que desarrollen su propio mercado y consumo.
Pilar AragonSpaonNO hagan contrataciones con aquellas empresas que no respetan los derechos de las personas trabajadoras y las utilicen como explotación laboral

What is the bangladesh accord?

The legally binding Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh (“Bangladesh Accord”) between apparel brands and global trade unions has done very important work since the Rana Plaza collapse of 24 April 2013 to make factories safer for workers. The binding agreement holding brands to their promises under this programme expires on 31st May 2021. If the Accord agreement is not renewed, the safety of over two million workers in 1,600 garment factories currently covered by the Accord, will be left in the hands of a voluntary Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. Voluntary initiatives have in the past been unable to prevent mass casualties, and it is therefore completely irresponsible to fall back on trusting a non-enforceable initiative to prevent a next Rana Plaza collapse.

Brands must sign a new international binding agreement which should contain the possibility to expand the Accord model to other countries where garment workers are facing unsafe working conditions, similar to those in the pre-Rana Plaza situation in Bangladesh.

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